Igniting Innovations in Urban Living

Parkmerced Labs develops and deploys next-generation technology solutions that help property owners and communities improve urban living.

We build living laboratories to accelerate innovations in mobility, energy and 21st-century residential living through strategic partnerships anchored in unique neighborhoods.
We create opportunities for corporations, startups and property owners to collaborate on continuous, scalable innovation in real-world environments.
We are developing transformative solutions at Parkmerced in San Francisco, the world’s innovation capital, and will offer them to developments and communities across the world.

Our goal is to bring together the most brilliant minds to create innovations that transform the way people live and enrich the communities they call home.

Our Anchor Site: Parkmerced, San Francisco

Parkmerced in San Francisco is our first testbed and proving ground for solutions we will replicate and scale globally.

  • Located along the main route between San Francisco and Silicon Valley, Parkmerced is one of the largest single-owner urban community developments in North America.
  • With over 3,200 apartments and nearly 10,000 residents on 152 acres, Parkmerced will undergo a groundbreaking, sustainable redevelopment that will reduce its greenhouse gas intensity by 60% even as it triples in size.
  • Over 20 years, Parkmerced will grow to 3% of San Francisco’s total population after investing nearly $6 billion and adding 5,500+ new units, close to 20,000 new residents and 400,000+ square feet of commercial space.

First Partnership: Car-Free Living with Uber

A first-of-its-kind partnership between Uber and a real estate development company, the Car-Free Living mobility program is designed to encourage car-free living at Parkmerced and to establish a sustainable, multimodal transportation model for communities and developments across the US and globally. This exclusive engagement between Parkmerced Labs and Uber, the world’s leading rideshare company, creates a seamless, community-wide, transit solution to change residents’ lives and rethink urbanization.

  • The program will provide residents with affordable alternatives to car ownership, including private and public transportation options, while reducing congestion and pollution.
  • New residents to Parkmerced will be able to reduce their private car use through a $100 monthly incentive with Uber and Clipper, an all-in-one Bay Area transit card providing access to Muni, Bart, Caltrain, and more.
  • Parkmerced and Uber will conduct research of the program to provide real-world data about driving behavior, cost savings, use of public transportation and associated environmental benefits.

Exclusive Partnerships

In addition to the groundbreaking partnership with Uber, Parkmerced Labs is developing partnerships with hourly car rental and bike-share providers. Accessing this exclusive network allows property owners to quickly and effectively offer a diverse suite of high-profile mobility services to current and potential residents.

  • Proprietary technology: Parkmerced Labs has developed front-end and back-end software that enables automated program implementation, including seamlessly delivering incentive funds to residents’ accounts for use with respective mobility service providers.
  • Streamlined process: Parkmerced Labs leverages its cross-industry expertise to streamline the agreement process, help broker partnerships with local/regional transit authorities and agencies and deliver maximum value for all parties.
  • Turnkey solution: Parkmerced Labs combines its exclusive partnerships, proprietary technology, and streamlined processes to establish and manage an integrated, end-to-end multimodal transportation solution.

Led by Urban Living Innovators

Parkmerced Labs is a joint venture between Parkmerced and Broadscale Group. Collectively, the leaders behind Parkmerced Labs have a rich background in global innovation and urban living.

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